Standard Stock Dropside Tippers
(i.e. 4.500m – 6 tonne)

  • Body: approx. 4.550m overall x 2.500m overall.
  • Dropsides: 400mm high, 2 per side of 3mm plate.
  • Latches: Heavy-duty spring type latches on Dropsides.
  • Tailgate to be 500mm high, 2-way type, with greaseable pivots on 2-way operation.
  • Air operated tailgate, with air RAM and rope rail fitted.
  • Air Controls: Full air controls fitted to dash or console.
  • Floor – 4mm Hardox high tensile plate.
  • Mudguards: Bolt on mudguards, rears hinged.
  • Taillights: LED rear taillights, with LED rear clearance lights and repeater indicators.
  • Headboard: Full type headboard with cab protector, rear mesh window, shovel holder and shovel fitted.
  • Prop: Body prop fitted to subframe.
  • Finish: Body sandblasted, etch primed, painted 2-pac paints (white), floor painted 2-pac paints (black).

Custom: Steel Tipper (Apr 2010 – Red Rocket!)

  • Tipper body to be approx. 4.500m x 2.300m.
  • Sides to be 4mm Hardox HT plate, 1100mm high.
  • Floor to be 6mm Hardox HT plate.
  • Tailgate to be 1200mm high, two-way type, air operated, and sit forward for trailer drawbar.
  • Four tie points along sides of body 200mm above floor.
  • Well type hoist and hydraulics fitted.
  • Front steps and pullout ladder on front right.
  • Mesh manual windout tarp fitted.
  • Full type headboard with shovel holder fitted.
  • Ring feeder and approved towbar with electrics and hydraulics to rear.
  • Body prop fitted to chassis.
  • Body sandblasted and painted 2-pac paint (red)

Custom: Tipper & Crane on 8 wheeler Volvo Cab Chassis (May 2010 Gold)

  • Dropside Tipper body to be approx. 5.100m overall x 2.500m.
  • Sides to be 450mm high of 3mm mild folded plate.
  • Floor to be 4mm Hardox HT plate.
  • Two Dropsides per side, removable middle posts and fixed rears.
  • Tailgate to be two-way type 550mm high, air operated.
  • Full height headboard, with top angled forward but watching height of Crane arm, mesh window each side for vision when using Crane.
  • Subframe to extend forward to remount customers Crane, and diverter valve for hydraulics.
  • PTO pump to suit Volvo I-Shift transmission.
  • Twin underbody RAMS fitted.
  • Eight, 4 tonne tie points in floor.
  • Steps and grab rails both sides, depending on 2nd steer axle.
  • Body to be sandblasted and painted metallic gold to suit truck cab and tailgate white for RTA requirements.

Custom: 4.5 x 2.5m Tipper Body (Feb 2010 Yellow)

  • Tipper Body to be approx 4.500m x 2.500m overall.
  • Sides to be 1100mm high of Hardox.
  • Floor to be 6mm Hardox plate.
  • Full-length rope rails about 200mm off floor level.
  • One set of steps front right side inside and out.
  • One long handle shovel holder left hand side of headboard.
  • Tailgate pivots to be 45mm round for extra strength, and to be two-way type.
  • Three closing hooks of profiled cut 20mm plate.
  • Folding ladder on tailgate, optional.
  • 25 tonne hoist well mounted
  • Body prop fitted to subframe.
  • Toolbox fitted to chassis, power coated type approx 700mm x 500mm x 500mm.
  • Water Tank fitted with soap dispenser.
  • Twin spool controls fitted for dual operations of truck and trailer.
  • Standard lights fitted to body or LED as an option.
  • Ringfeeder and mounting to be engineered and capacity of 25 500kg with couplings to suit council’s specs.
  • Manual windout tarp.
  • Colour: White (Yellow is customer specific)