Trays & Cranes

Flat or Dropside Trays – Standard inclusions

  • Coaming 20mm Raised or side rails level with floor.
  • Steps on Front Corners.
  • Headboard Cab Height.
  • Rear Under Bar.
  • 3mm Floors, smooth or checkerplate.
  • 2-pac Paintwork (white).
  • Rope Rails.

Crane Truck Tray Specifications

  • Any brand of crane fitted as dealer or owner specifies.
  • Tray to be approx 7.700mm x 2.500mm.
  • 3mm checker plate floor or 3mm Hardox smooth plate.
  • Low-type loading board with mitred corners and 50 x 50 RHS Framework.
  • 75mm channel cross members.
  • Rope rails.
  • PZB type hydraulics.
  • Crane hydraulics flow, lift and pressure tested.
  • Crane mounted on 6mm RHS with 10mm flat over sub-frame.
  • Finish: sandblast and 2-pac paintwork (white).

Tilt Trays

  • Tray to be tilt slide type.
  • Tray to be approx. 8.800m overall with 8.400m of flat deck by 2.500m wide.
  • Floor to be 6mm Hardox plate.
  • Front mounted hydraulic winch, with fairlead and wire tensioned.
  • Toolbox each side of winch for chains.
  • Container pins in floor.
  • Floor to be 30mm below gunnel rails.
  • Aluminium light bar on cab for revolving lights.
  • Tray headboard to be of higher design.
  • Remote control for winch and tray, with manual levers at left rear.
  • Heavy-duty rope rails on sides with ten tie points in floor.
  • PTO and pump to suit
  • Toolbox on chassis approx. 800, long.
  • Tilt rams to be 4” bore.
  • Slide ram to have approx. 4.000m travel.
  • Rear tray pivot 2” diameter.
  • Tilt ram mountings about 350mm off ground.
  • Tray to be sandblasted and painted 2-pac type paints.

Tray and Cattle Crate

  • Tray to be approx 6.400m x 2.500m
  • Floors to be 5mm smooth plate or 3mm Hardox HT plate.
  • Gunnel rails to be 100 x 50 channel
  • Cross members to be 75 x 40 channel@ approx, 400mm centres
  • Full length rope rails
  • Standard lights guarded
  • Bolt on Aluminium polished mudguards
  • Full type headboard
  • Front steps and grabrails
  • Finish: to be sandblasted & painted 2-pac paint (white).